Saturday, January 13, 2018

Variety of eagles

Weather continues to be interesting....

this was the scene yesterday morning....once again we lucked out and missed the really bad weather, no freezing rain and just a skiff of snow....all of which...

had disappeared again, come this morning.

People have been commenting on the numbers of Bald eagles around the last few days....not hundreds like we get in October and November, but more than have been around during the worst of the weather.  Also being commented on is how big they are....but that is due to the fact that most of them are young ones of varying ages, but young ones tend to be larger than mature ones.

this one, for example, with the mainly white 'tummy' is a 2 year old.

while this, mainly brown one is a year old should be mentioned that apparently there are several Golden Eagles in the general area this winter.....I'm not sure if I'd recognize a Golden Eagle....they are very close in appearance to the above, although the bill size and shape is different, the overall bird is larger, and the head and back of the neck has a golden tone.

back to the bald ones though, this is a 3 year old, probably just turning 3 as it will develop more of a mask and other plumage changes before becoming a mature....

adult, like this one.

Although today it was mainly eagles out there...there have been a few other species around...

like this Golden-crowned Kinglet having a spider for breakfast...

a Brown Creeper....

lot's of Dark eyed Junco....

Song Sparrow....

and, of course, those tough little Anna's Hummingbirds.  

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Gradually going away

Here it is, the 9th day of the new year already and we've been pretty confined because all that snow we got, just doesn't want to disappear, despite the rain we've had the last little while.

on the 2nd, that was as far as we could get - that is my little monster zooming around out there having a ball!

on the 6th, we made it as far as the first bay but couldn't get any further

then yesterday, the 8th we made it to the log bay.  As you can see, there isn't much around.  A few eagles, a couple of Mallards, the occasional swan but that is about it although yesterday,

the bushes all along the trail were alive with little birds.  Chickadee's of both kinds, the one above being a Chestnutback, but also lots of Gold Crowned Kinglets.  

and this lone male Hooded Merganser was there one day.

today we made it over to Harrison Bay.  This was actually our 3rd attempt.  The first 2 we hadn't stayed because the small area of the parking lot that had been plowed was packed with vehicles and the snow on the dike too deep to walk we had the place to our self.

the beach is still snow covered and it was just as quiet over here.  A few Swans and Geese, a couple of crows, a tapping woodpecker, and a pair of Kingfisher flying around and that was that....but it was nice to get out for a decent walk!

Monday, January 1, 2018

More ice storm photos

Again, a little outside of the normal area.  We did try to get to Harrison Bay today but there was very little of the parking lot cleared and what was clear was full of vehicles - forgot that today was a holiday!  So we drove to Deroche for some more photos...

here is the highway 'en route' - keep in mind this is at least the 4th day since the ice arrived and the 2nd day of nothing but sunshine and it is still all over everything.

went down a side street - not very far because weren't sure if we'd be able to turn around...

here is a close up of an Alder Tree encased in ice.

one of the twigs....

drove down another section, along the Deroche slough

grasses down in the slough....along with some tiny foot prints.

love this ice encrusted Blackberry vine!

a lot of the slough is frozen so the areas of open water are well populated.  

Trumpeter Swans and various ducks....

and some more icy twigs.